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Valves for Vacuum

Valves run the gamut of styles and types.  Manual valves, automatic valves, electric valves, and on and on.  Use vacuum rated valves.  Many valves we have looked at in the past are not designed for vacuum and leak through the stem for the handle or in other areas.  It really doesn't matter what positive pressure they are rated for, vacuum is an entirely different animal.  Valves should be rated for a minimum 10-6 Torr pressure for use with our pumps.  We have a wide variety of proven solutions in the category in just about any configuration that is required.  We can adapt just about any port to either FNPT, NPT or vacuum rated quick disconnect flanges.

High and Ultra high vacuum vales.  These valves generally are constructed from 304 SS and come in a wide variety of configurations.  We have may of these valves available.  They come in manual styles, pneumatics, right angles, gate and numerous other configurations and options.  When you call, it would be helpful to understand how you would like to set the valve up and the terminations of the flow ports.  This is how we can best help you.  These things can get pretty expensive and generally have a lead time of 4-8 weeks depending on style and type.

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