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HyVac's Vacuum Inlet Traps (VIT) protect vacuum pumps from foreign materials to insure the highest quality air is entering the pump. The plastic transparent sump shows when to change the filter insert.

Simple to maintain - change filter inserts without removing the trap from the vacuum system. Two sump sizes, 4.5" and 9.5" are offered. The 4.5" serves vacuum pumps up to a capacity of 100 L/Min (4 CFM). The 9.5" sump serves vacuum pumps ranging in capacity from 150 to 500 L/Min. (5-15 CFM)

The filter element is copper gauze with a large surface area to trap particles and oil vapors. Other filters are available specifically for difficult environments. Each of the two size traps is offered with 2 connections to serve both the older hose connector models (mostly belt driven pumps) and the newer flange connector models (mostly direct drive pumps). All VIT's are furnished with 3/4" hose termination on the system side. Flange connection models are equipped on the pump side with NW adapters, clamps, centering rings and an NW elbow for easy connection.

Special filter elements that can assist in the operation of vacuum systems in extreme environments are a benefit to today's modern vacuum system operators. HyVac's new Acid-Neut filter employs an acidic neutralizing chemical insert using a visible pH sensitive colormetric scale to assist in evaluating filter change intervals. This filter is most helpful in freeze drying and other applications where neutralization of acidic vapor streams extends system operation due to pump or fluid degradation. Filter elements for pH basic and solvent streams are also available for use in the new HyVac VIT. Other options include VIT pressure gauges allowing for quick determination of flow rate constriction due to clogged or saturated filter elements.

VITs provide preventative maintenance to improve operation, limit downtime and help protect against expensive system failures.

Vacuum Inlet Traps (VIT) are available from select lab supply dealers and direct from HyVac Products. If you have any questions regarding suitability for operation on your specific system or application our technical staff can help you make an fast and educated decision. HyVac Products, Inc. continues to manufacture the durable HyVac belt drive and direct drive vacuum pumps and is a complete source for many products relating to the mid and high vacuum markets.

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