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Oil Filtering

There are a couple of systems in the market place that allow the user to filter the oil in the vacuum pump.  These systems typically have a little positive displacement gear pump which will remove the oil from the pump, send it through a filter or series of filters and then put the oil back into the pump or a separate container.  These filters do a great job of removing particulates but care should be taken regarding the neutralization number of the oil or total acid number.  The reason this is important is that the oil, if already acidified, really should be taken out of service and not put back in the pump.  For locations in which dust is a problem, this type of system is a really great choice to keep the pumps running with minimal down time.  For systems where high acid levels are a problem then choice of filter media plays a key role along with some trial and error to understand the intervals required for good operation.  

There are a number of filters available to help in this application.  

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