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HyVac 2 / Diffusion Pump
Installation Hints and Instructions

Regarding the diffusion pump/backing pump combination.

Inlet and outlet adapters are provided but sometimes not necessary. Either or both adapters, if elected to be used, will have to be silver soldered in place to seal. Inlet is connected to your system that is being evacuated. Outlet is connection to backing pump HyVac 2.

Inlet adapter is 1 1/16" OD. Outlet adapter is 7/8" OD. Suitable non-collapsing vacuum rated tubing should be considered and we recommend inclusion of ring clamps to the installation two on each connection.

The diffusion pump should be activated at 100 micron or less after the backing pump, HyVac 2, has achieved that pressure level. This can be accomplished manually or can be automated by using a computer digital I/O acquisition board, proper software and vacuum gauging.

Electrical leads on bottom of diffusion pump are generally rated for 115V 60Hz therefore can use standard electrical cord and plugs. The user may wish to ground the line and this can be accomplished by tying the ground wire of the cord onto the connection rod where the diffusion pump is attached to the pump base or any other convenient grounding facility.

Make sure the diffusion pump oil is loaded in the diffusion pump and water is turned on before operation.

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