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Vacuum Ovens / Vacuum Furnaces

Everything from laboratory applications to metals processing.  Because of the basic physical chemistry law of PV=nRT assuming a static volume varying the pressure and temperature of a sample enables manipulation of that sample at differing temperature or pressure and can allow for varying conclusions.  In the case of oven work in labs, there are many, many uses in which vacuum ovens are employed.  Everything from sample preparation to reaction optimization. 

In the metals industry the use of vacuum furnaces is wide spread to process and impart changes in physical characteristics to base metals.

Often problem areas seem to be the gaskets on the doors that leak (sometimes dramatically) and hold the system back from it's desired pressure.  Other problems are evacuation byproducts, or condensable vapors that get in and mangle the pump.   Care should be taken to identify these potential problems and install traps accordingly.

We can size a pump for your oven and generally need the following information.

1. Size of the oven (space to be evacuated).  

2. Starting pressure usually atmospheric.

3. Ending pressure 

4. Time for process to take place in minutes

5. Other mitigating factors.
         a. Solvents or water coming off the mix.
         b. Leaks

Some of these applications tend toward OEM systems, so if you are interested please give us a call.

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