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Freeze Drying

The process of freeze drying is used in a variety of end applications some of which are flower drying, spice drying, instant coffee, biological specimens and I am sure there are many, many more.  HyVac vacuum pumps are often used in this process because under vacuum it is possible to dehydrate a sample or item and leave many of it's characteristics behind in their native chemical state.  Dehydration proceeds at room or variable temperature.  Remember water boils at room temperature under vacuum.  By varying the temperature and pressure at which a sample is dried the end user is capable of controlling the quality retention and other different aspects including increasing lifespan of the sample.

HyVac has a number of customers actively involved in freeze drying so if you have a question relating to systems or are looking for a system we can direct you to the best source or a least a good one.

Because of the design of the HyVac pumps they are well suited to this application and are an efficient and cost effective way to achieve the desired end result.

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