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Work Holding / Vacuum Chucking

There are a number of industrial applications that employ vacuum as a process.  One application is called work holding or vacuum chucking.  In this application the user is employing vacuum as a pressure force to hold an item in place.  There are a number of applications just to name a few.  Vacuum used in moving glass plate, vacuum to hold down laminate for machining, used with a lathe to hold the piece in a vacuum chuck and simple pick and place of components.  

The basic principle is this:

Full vacuum develops about -14.7 psi if you can think of vacuum as negative pressure or, if you will, a 14.7 pound per square inch (psi) pressure differential from atmospheric pressure.  It is possible to modify the "holding" power of the system by varying the surface area of the holding mechanism.  There are numerous holding devices made including vacuum suction cups and chucks just to name a few.  A number of these applications can get a little hazardous with having things rotating at 1200 rpm or holding stuff over peoples heads and the like so it is important, from a safety "liability" standpoint, to have the best level of vacuum you can for the application.  The HyVac vacuum pumps develop the maximum holding power for this application creating vacuum that is 99.97% full vacuum.  Our single stage pumps are good choices for these applications.  

These systems tend to be good candidates for leaks, (nature of the beast) which we often overcome by using larger pumps and generating more "flow".  Many times these applications are powered by air venturi type systems driven by an air compressor.  Much depends on the specific application and power required as to the best choice in a vacuum generating device.

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